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Chapter 14: Don’t Walk on Water - Jump into Consciousness

Do miracles really not exist?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t help it.

I cannot give you the consolation that has been given by all the religions down the centuries. I cannot do it because that consolation has cost too much. It has not given anything; on the contrary, it has taken away your very religiousness.

I cannot say anything that in the short-term may seem to help your growth towards religion, but in the long-term is simply poison. That’s what the idea of a miracle is.

The human mind is begging for it. It is the need of a sick mind - but all minds are sick.

Mind as such is the sickness of man.

When the mind disappears you are, for the first time, really healthy and whole. Mind needs all kinds of poisons to continue to exist. The idea of miracles is one of the most important. The idea is absolutely against existence.

First you have to understand, what does a miracle mean? It means that existence is not trustable, that nature is not unprejudiced, that the laws of life allow exceptions. This is an absolute absurdity. Existence has no prejudices - that for Jesus it has a soft corner in the heart, and not for you; that it allows Mohammed to go beyond natural laws, but it does not allow you. A miracle simply is a condemnation of the fairness of existence.

No, there is no such thing as a miracle - never has been, never will be. If miracles happen then science cannot happen; and we know that science has happened. And as science has grown, miracles have diminished in exact proportion. The more science grows, the less and less are there miracles. If you go farther back you can find thousands of miracles happening.

Most of those miracles are just stories invented to create messiahs, prophets, reincarnations of God - because how can you manage to put a certain man above all humanity? How can you manage to make him superhuman? His body follows nature, his life follows nature. From birth to death there is not a single exception.

But the fools around the world will not accept an ordinary man as enlightened. They need a superman, only then is their mind satisfied: Of course, he is a superman, a messenger of God; he can be enlightened - but how can we poor human beings be enlightened?

And how to prove that he is superior to you? Just look: Jesus is not superior as far as intelligence is concerned, shows no special intelligence. There were hundreds of more learned rabbis, great scholars of profound intelligence; he is just an uneducated, unpolished carpenter’s son.

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