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Chapter 8: I Am Totally for the Natural

The youngster, who was anxious to get married, went to his mom and complained, “Pop says I should not marry Suzy, Mildred or Mabel because they are my half-sisters. What do I do?”

Mom put her arms around her boy and consoled, “You can marry any one of them you like - he is not your father.”

So it is a very difficult thing. Unless your mother is truthful about it, nobody can give you a guarantee. But I have heard about one machine that IBM has produced. I don’t know whether it is true or not, but you can inquire.

A woman, having heard how fantastic the IBM machines are, enters the IBM sales room to look around.

“You can ask the machine any question you like and it will give you the correct answer,” explains the salesman.

The woman writes the question, “Where is my father?” and puts it into the machine. The answer comes back, “Your father is fishing off the west coast of Florida.”

“Ridiculous!” exclaims the woman. “My father has been dead twenty years.”

“The machine never makes a mistake,” the salesman proclaims. “There is simply a misunderstanding. Rephrase your question and ask it again.”

The woman writes down for the machine, “Where is my mother’s husband?”

The IBM machine answers, “He has been dead twenty years, but your father is fishing off the west coast of Florida.”

But please don’t ask such questions of me, I am not an IBM machine - neither am I your mother.

Enough for today.