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Chapter 6: Love and Happiness

When I roam the lofty mountains I feel like my soul is raised on high and covered like the peaks in never-melting caps of snow. And when I descend into the valleys I feel deep and profound like them and my heart fills with mysterious shadows. The same thing happens at the edge of the sea. There I merge with the surging waves; they pound and roar within me. When I gaze at the sky, I expand. I become boundless, unlimited. When I look at the stars silence permeates me; when I see a flower, the ecstasy of beauty overwhelms me. When I hear a bird singing, its song is an echo of my own inner voice, and when I look into the eyes of an animal I see no difference between them and my own. Gradually my separate existence has been effaced and only God remains. So where shall I look for God now? How shall I seek him? Only he is; I am not.

I was in the hills, and what they wanted to tell me was transmitted through their silence. The trees, the lakes, the rivers, the brooks, the moon and the stars were all speaking to me in the language of silence. And I understood. The words of God were clear to me, I could only hear him when I became silent. Not before.

What shall I say to you? Listen to the stars in the sky. I wish to say the same thing their silent, dancing lights are saying. I wish to say that whatever is, is beyond the power of speech, beyond the reach of hearing.

Creation springs from love. It is nourished by love. It moves towards love and eventually merges with love. And you ask me why I say love is God. This is why.

I watch mankind moving from one perversion to another. It is as if some fiber essential to life has been destroyed within him - and within his civilization as well. Not only the individual, all the society is living within a framework that has become perverted and twisted. Its discordant notes echo throughout the world and the harmony that a sound culture creates is nowhere to be heard.

No instrument is as out of tune as man. And just as a stone causes ripples across the surface of a lake, the perversity of one man can agitate the whole of humanity. A man may be an individual, but his roots are in the corporate body of mankind. Each man’s infection is tremendously contagious.

What is the disease that afflicts our century? Many diseases have been isolated, but I wish to point to one in particular that, in my opinion, is at the root of all other afflictions. Whenever a man is overcome by this fundamental illness he turns to suicidal destruction. What name shall I give this disease? It is not easy to name it. The best I can do is to call it the drying up of the well of love in the human heart.

Everyone is afflicted with this absence of love. Our hearts are not functioning at all. There can be no greater misfortune in a man’s life than the absence of love, because without love his relationship with life is severed. It is love that connects us to the whole.

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