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Chapter 2: Who Is Watching the Mind?

Gurudayal said, “What do you mean? Should I call Osho in this dirty water in the gutter?”

So remember it: whenever you really need, and it is not dirty water and a gutter, and not only a small coin is lost - then follow Gurudayal.

The fourth question:

Can the mind commit suicide?

The mind cannot commit suicide, because whatsoever the mind can do will strengthen the mind. Any doing on the part of the mind makes the mind more strong. So suicide is impossible.

Mind doing something means mind continuing itself - so that is not in the nature of things. But suicide happens. Mind cannot commit it - mm? - let me make it absolutely clear: mind cannot commit it, but suicide happens. It happens through watching the mind, not by doing anything.

The watcher is separate from the mind, it is deeper than the mind, higher than the mind. The watcher is always hidden behind the mind. A thought passes, a feeling arises - who is watching this thought? Not the mind itself, because mind is nothing but the process of thought and feeling. The mind is just the traffic of thinking. Who is watching it? When you say, “An angry thought has arisen in me,” who are “you’? In whom has the thought arisen? Who is the container? The thought is the content - who is the container?

The mind is like when you print a book: on white, clean paper, words appear. That empty paper is the container and the printed words are the content. Consciousness is like empty paper. Mind is like written, printed paper.

Whatsoever exists as an object inside you, whatsoever you can see and observe, is the mind. The observer is not the mind, the observed is the mind. So if you can go on simply observing, without condemning, without in any way creating a conflict with the mind, without indulging it, without following it, without going against it, if you can simply be there indifferent to it, in that indifference suicide happens. It is not that mind commits suicide: when the watcher arises, the witness is there - mind simply disappears.

Mind exists with your cooperation or your conflict. Both are ways of cooperating - conflict too. When you fight with the mind, you are giving energy to it. In your very fight you have accepted the mind, in your very fighting you have accepted the power of the mind over your being. So whether you cooperate or you conflict, in both the cases the mind becomes stronger and stronger.

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