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Chapter 22: The Sweetness of Silence on Your Tongue

To call it a dream is not a condemnation. He has instructed that they should celebrate and they should continue their daily work as if nothing has happened. The people who know never feel guilty about life and never put life on a high pedestal beyond their reach, so that they can only kneel down, lose their dignity, their pride and their self-respect and pray to a hypothetical divine life - to someone who does not exist, far away in the stars.

All the religions have done both these things. On the one hand they have condemned your ordinary life, and they have created a tremendous sickness of guilt all over the world. For centuries man has been drowning in guilt. All his pleasures are poisoned. The condemnation goes so long and so deep that you cannot enjoy your food, you cannot enjoy your love, you cannot enjoy your clothes, you cannot enjoy at all. Something inside you goes on condemning: you are doing something wrong.

A small boy in the school was saying, “It took me twelve years to understand that ‘don’t’ is not my name! Whatever I was doing - ‘Don’t do it!’ Everything that I was doing was wrong, and everything that I had no interest in was right.”

The impossible is made right and the possible and the real is made a sin. Between these two - the sin and the virtue - every man is crushed, sandwiched between two rocks. You don’t see the naturalness, acceptability of whatever you are, without any ideals.

Devageet, nothing is wrong in gossiping; just gossip in an enlightened way. Beautify your gossips; let your gossips also be part of your understanding, of your love, of your compassion. Even your gossips will show who you are. They are your signatures.

Gossiping becomes evil when it is out of jealousy, meanness, violence, when it is just to pull somebody down, when it comes out of a revengeful mind - but it is not the fault of gossiping. Gossiping can come out of a meditative mind. Gossiping can come out of love, out of peace. Gossiping is an art in itself. Everybody is not capable of gossiping. There are born gossipers!

Devageet, you cannot overcome it; it is intrinsic to your nature. You are a born gossiper. You gossip against yourself.

You are asking me for some sutras to meditate upon. Before I give you some sutras, it has to be understood that you can contemplate on them, but you cannot meditate on them. That is the difference between contemplation and meditation. That is the difference between mind and no-mind. That is the difference between philosophy and philosia.

Contemplation needs an object. Without an object to contemplate on, you cannot contemplate - contemplate on what? Some content, some object is needed for your mind to focus upon it; hence, contemplation never goes beyond mind.

Philosophy is contemplation.

Science is concentration.

Religion is meditation.

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