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Chapter 16: Only Idiots Are Consistent

Because I am on the right way. Why are you convinced that you are a man or a woman? Why are you convinced that you are alive and not dead? When you have a headache what makes you convinced that it is really there and you are not just imagining it?

I am simply on the right way.

My eyes are open, my vision is clear.

In my whole life I have never for a single moment thought that I have done anything wrong. Half a century is enough to prove that I must be on the right path.

The people who are not certain whether they are on the right path or not are certainly not on the right path - uncertainty is a proof. Rightness has an autonomous authority; it does not depend on any other reason. Just to be on the right path.everything proves you to be right. There is not a single doubt which has arisen in me in my whole life about my path, about my way of living. Even if the whole world says I am wrong, it will not make any difference at all. I will still be right, because the question is of my own inner feeling, my own inner authenticity, my own inner authority.

The religion of Rajneeshism is dead. What has survived?

Every flower has to die if it is not a plastic flower. Only plastic flowers live for centuries.

All the religions that have lived for centuries are plastic. The real flower may have been with Gautam Buddha, but it died; it had to die - and what remains afterwards is the fragrance. If you have sensitivity enough you can still smell in the air all those people who have blossomed on the earth. They are still your contemporaries.

The person who lives in your time may not be your contemporary, but the person you feel, experience, the person who moves your heart into a dance is a contemporary. To me Buddha is a contemporary, Lao Tzu is a contemporary, Bodhidharma is a contemporary, Zarathustra is a contemporary. I can still taste their experience because it is my own experience too.

Rajneeshism is dead. I wanted it to be dead before I drop my body. This has happened for the first time.and I wanted it to happen because I wanted to be certain that only the fragrance remains, not a dead structure, because the fragrance cannot be represented by the priests and the popes, and the fragrance cannot create religions. It may once in a while touch a man and drive him almost crazy with joy.

But Gautam Buddha did not allow the religion to die before his eyes; he forgot that what he is teaching, the priests will distort. They will create a structure which will be absolutely against him.

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