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Chapter 15: This Is Not a Place of Entertainment

This country has become a dirty pool; it is no longer a river which continues to clean itself just by its flowing and moving into new lands, into new territories. This country has stopped all movement, perhaps five thousand years ago. It is not a contemporary land, it is lagging behind so much that it seems almost impossible that it can be made contemporary.

Ask your husband why he is annoyed with me. Have I hurt him? Have I disrespected him? Have I in any way harmed him? And if he feels that my ideology is wrong, he has to be very deeply acquainted with my ideology before he can say that. If he is not even willing to listen to me, that simply shows the impotence of his soul.

There is an ancient story of a man, whose name had become Ghantakarna because he used to hang two big bells by his ears. While walking, those bells would ring and he would not hear anybody - he did not want to be disturbed in his convictions, in his faith, in his beliefs. People have forgotten his name: Ghantakarna means a man with bells hanging by his ears. But this man is very representative of almost all the Indians. They are all Ghantakarnas, particularly your husband.

You are saying, “He is very much annoyed with you and your sannyasins, and with me, because I crossed all the limits.” The Indian husband thinks that the wife is only a possession. He does not give respect to the woman as a human being. He is just an owner, a possessor; the wife is only a private property, he has purchased her. The very institution of marriage in this country is a permanent prostitution and nothing else.

Naturally he will be annoyed with you - you have proved more intelligent, more daring. You have risked your relationship, you have risked your future. You have gone ahead of him, you have proved him to be a pygmy in comparison to you. Naturally he is annoyed with you.

Husbands, particularly, have lived in this country with the idea that the woman is a slave and they are the masters. Their arrogance and egoism are such that they have been telling women, “Your god is your husband; there is no other god for you.” Millions of women had to be ready to be burned with their dead husbands, because the husband was suspicious that after he has died, his woman may fall in love with somebody else. He wanted to dominate her even when he is dead, and the only way was that the wife also commits suicide.

And those women who refused lost all their dignity in the society, because the society is made by men, by the husbands. They were treated as corrupt, because if they had loved their husbands they would have jumped into the funeral pyre. They should have been burned alive - that would have been a proof that they loved the husband.

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