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Chapter 13: Neither This nor That

And he had to use this language for two reasons. One: that was the only language he knew, the only language that he was acquainted with. And second: that was the only language in which he could hide his immense insights. He was not in the East where for thousands of years it has become an accepted fact that one can speak directly of the truth, there is no need to go in circles. In the West that has not yet become the accepted thing.

The Western theologian still writes the same way, thinks the same way. It is a torture to read these people! And whenever somebody like de Chardin wrote about God, love, truth, clearly, scientifically - because he was a scientist - the Catholic Church prohibited him because he was also a priest. The Church ordered that whatsoever he wanted to write he could write but he could not publish it. And whatsoever he wrote he had to surrender to the Vatican.

You may not be aware that such a great intelligent man was absolutely unknown while he was alive. He started becoming known to the wider world only when he was dead, because his books were only published posthumously by others. He was so obedient to the stupid church that he accepted that he could go on writing, but that he should not publish anything. It is good that his friends were not so stupid; when he died they started publishing his books.

Now the same Catholic Church brags about de Chardin because he belonged to them. His only fault was that he was writing in a clear way which any intelligent person can understand. To understand this kind of theological knowledge is really difficult; it has become more and more difficult for the contemporary mind.

Theologians are still not contemporary. In their monasteries, in their churches they still go on talking in the same old jargon - they create it. They have become so skillful in these two thousand years, so sophisticated in creating it that whosoever is more sophisticated in creating it starts moving higher in the hierarchy of the priests. They create the language; they don’t bother to know about the truth.

A man goes to a prostitute and says he wants a special favor.

“All right, ducky,” she says, “but it’ll cost you an extra fiver.”

He agrees and explains that he wants to put on a plastic raincoat and have her stand on a table stamping her feet, banging cymbals and pouring buckets of water on him.

They begin: the man stands there wearing his plastic raincoat, while the prostitute runs up and down the stairs fetching buckets of water and pouring them over him, while stamping her feet and banging her cymbals. After an hour the exhausted prostitute, gasping, exclaims, “Hey, mister, when are we going to fuck?”

“What?” exclaims the man. “In weather like this?”

They create the weather first and then they get more and more confused in the weather created by themselves! All these words create a certain kind of climate - very rubbishy - but unfortunately that has been the way of the theologian all along. The Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian, the Jewish, they all speak in the same way. This is not the expression of the mystics

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