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Chapter 16: The Only Miracle

And this is my intention - that a meditator is born within you. If India can give birth to even a few dozen meditators who have the same light as that of Buddha’s wisdom, then there is no harm. The question is not whether religion should survive in India or in the West - no, that is not the issue. The question is whether it will survive. On which soil the temple will be erected is not the issue - all soil is alike, but you are ruining the temple.

Even if Westerners carried this temple away, all they would find in their hands would be the bricks and the cement, the ruin, the broken pieces. And even if the West erects a temple carefully, it will be suitable only for a museum; it won’t be of life, it won’t be alive. And that is what is happening. That temple will be dead. People will go to the museum and look at it, it will have no purpose more than that; life will have moved out of it.

Here you have a temple which has not yet fallen down. Those who have eyes, they still see it alive. But before long it will fall, because you are engaged in demolishing it, you are busy destroying it; you are removing the bricks of this temple and making staircases with it in your house. You have no idea what you are doing! You are selling the very god of the temple and filling your cash box with that money.

There is a reason for all this. Because a fish is born in the ocean, she cannot see the ocean. She is born in it, she is thoroughly acquainted with it; hence she forgets. In the same way you are born in a temple, which you are unable to see, and you have forgotten it completely.

My whole effort is to enable you to start seeing that living temple. Either you must become the priest of that temple again - which is natural for you - or, if this is impossible, then you have to hand over the temple in an alive condition to those in whom the longing for it has arisen, in whom the thirst for it has been born.

Before the temple of religion falls down, either you take charge of it or the West takes charge of it, but it should not be allowed to crumble and become the showpiece of a museum. Through it the door to the possibility of man’s survival will open. The race for money only annihilates, ambition just destroys and leads in the end to insanity. No one has ever come to contentment through ambition. No matter how great the ambition and its success, each success brings only more discontent. Even an Alexander the Great dies weeping; he seems to have attained nothing, in spite of conquering the world.

Only religion brings contentment.

Contentment is a miracle.

Even a beggar can be contented, while even an Alexander dies full of discontent. Religion has some mysterious keys which open those doors of the heart that can shower nectar.

It is these keys I am calling meditation.

Through meditation, only one miracle is going to happen: you will become absolutely contented. But there is no greater mystery than this in the world. There is no greater mystery in the world than that of a person becoming contented.

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