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Chapter 8: Our Dance Is Forever

And deep down you are longing for those; hence you say, “Who cares? Who wants to reach the ocean? Sometimes much longing is there.” Longing for what? - because you have stopped your being from taking note that all your dance and joy is for the ocean. Now you cannot find the object of your longing.

“Sometimes much longing is there, but I really don’t know for what.” You yourself are preventing it; otherwise it is in your heart - the ocean.

“I was so happy to hear you say that you will recognize us in the universal consciousness.” Again, the same thing. Mind goes on repeating the same mistakes. “But again I have only a fantasy of what this means. And who wants to be there when this life is so incredibly wonderful.”

But do you think this is the limit? Do you think this is all? You know perfectly well. You may suppress it, but your being knows that this is not all. This is only the beginning - don’t make it an end. In fact, there is no end. It is always beginning, reaching higher and higher, deeper and deeper, closer and closer.

But it is always beginning. And this is the grandeur of life - that you will never come to a full stop, because the full stop means death. It is good to have many commas and semicolons in your life, but don’t have any full stops. Keep it open, and your dance will become richer, and your song will become celestial.

Sannyas is the pilgrimage - just the pilgrimage in search of something which you will many times think has been found, and again you will have to realize: this is a new beginning, not an end. From eternity to eternity, from one sky to another sky, we go on moving.

Our dance is forever.

You know you are missing the point; hence you ask, “Am I missing the point? Is there something that needs to be understood?” There is much that has to be understood. And you are missing the point - it has to be consciously recognized.

You become satisfied with so small, so little. A spiritual seeker remains in a strange balance. He is contented with whatever he has got, but he never loses his discontent for more. It is a difficult point to understand, because it appears contradictory. It seems either you should be contented or discontented. But the spiritual seeker is both: he is contented with whatever life has given, but he knows there is much more; hence, he is discontented too.contented with the past and discontented for the future. Hence, he goes on discovering new treasures every moment.

The flowers that are blossoming around you rejoice in the morning dewdrops, the sunshine, in the silent, cool breeze. A seed, like me, is in need of more tangible and basic stuff like earth and water. These flowers got their soil and water already in the past, but I missed. But you are still my master, so tell me, is there no hope for me anymore? Beloved Osho, please help.

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