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Chapter 8: I'm Just Being to You

Being is that which remains always the same, eternally the same. It has no form so it cannot change, and it has no content so it cannot change. The being is contentless, formless. It has no name, no form - what in the East we call namarupa. These two things change: the name and the form. It is neither. It is simple, sheer existence, empty of all content and all form. Once you have entered this emptiness nothing can disturb you, because there is nothing to be disturbed. Nothing can hit you, because there is nobody inside to be hit. Then if you hate me, your arrow will pass through me. It cannot strike because there is nobody. You cannot make a target of me. Whether you love me or hate me, you cannot make a target of me. So it makes no difference. And I don’t do anything, I just remain myself.

One day Mulla Nasruddin was saying to me, “Yes, I used to be in politics myself. I was a dogcatcher in my town for two years, but finally lost the job.”

“What was the matter?” I asked him. “A change of mayors, or something?”

He said, “No, I finally caught the dog.”

And that’s what I would like to say to you: I finally caught the dog. Now there is no work left for me. I am jobless. I’m not doing anything: all desires have gone, all doing has left. I’m just here. I’m just being to you. If you love, you will receive me with great welcome, and you will be tremendously benefitted. If you hate you will miss, and the responsibility will be yours. Now it is for you to choose. But I don’t do anything.

The second question:

You are recommending meditation or devotion; I find them both helpful as both lead to the same goal: bliss, ananda. Sometimes I feel I am that, or rather this, the essential man, and sometimes I feel ecstatic in being a devotee: singing, praying, dancing, talking of him, playing leela with the divine. Can I be both? What is my real nature? Which would you suggest for my growth? In fifteen months of sannyas with you, the fear of death is gone, body has become the temple divine, mind has become an instrument for his use. All your words are sweet, but sweeter is your silence from which I have received my life’s direction: do nothing, accept, act, which is working very well for my growth. Kindly enlighten.

If things are going so beautifully, why make a problem? Can’t you accept your own insight? Do you always need a witness? Do you always need somebody else’s approval? If I am gone, you will be in a mess. When you are feeling so happy, is not that happiness enough proof that you are on the right track?

But in life you have been wrong so many times that you have lost trust in your own self. This is one very basic thing to be understood and relearned: trust in yourself. When everything is going beautifully and you are feeling happy and blissful, forget what I am saying. Don’t be worried about it. You know well that things are going well. Why create suspicion about your own experiences?

I have heard..

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