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Chapter 24: A Few Leaves Are Enough

Whatever was necessary, whatever was essential I have been telling you. Whatever is left untold is left untold because there is no way to tell it. If you can understand what I have told you, you will come to a situation, a position, a consciousness, a perceptivity, where you can know all that which I have not been able to tell you. But I am not holding anything back from you.

This is a moment that you should be contented that you have come so close. Your urgency must not turn into a discontent; otherwise you will be thrown back far away.

Your urgency should be transformed into a deep contentment and a rejoicing that you have been able to be a fellow-traveler of one who is fully awakened, and you have been a fellow traveler of many who are also searching and seeking with tremendous intensity - something which the whole world is unaware of. If this contentment settles in you, perhaps the quantum leap will happen on its own accord.

Nathan Nussbaum met his old friend, Benjamin Rosenblatt, in the street one day.

“How are things?” asked Benjamin.

“Good,” replied Nathan.

“Good?” says Benjamin. “You seem to have plenty of troubles.”

“No, no” said Nathan nonchalantly, “it is always good. In summer I am good and hot. In winter I am good and cold. My roof leaks, so when it rains I get good and wet. Also that nag of a wife always makes me good and mad. And when I am at home, I feel good and worried. Believe me, I am good and tired of it all!”

I am not asking for such contentment. Your contentment should be a song, a dance, a rejoicing, a love, a sharing. Your contentment should not be dead. It should be alive and dancing.

Being here and meditating, I feel I am drowning inside myself more and more, and although I relate with people, they seem far away on my periphery. At the same time, I am receiving so much: you keep pouring and pouring your love over me.
Why am I so miserly in giving to others, when I am receiving so much from you?

I am happy to know that your meditation is going deeper, becoming more alive, and you are feeling as if you are drowning inside yourself more and more. It is one of the great blessings that happen to all meditators.

The meditator is the most blessed person in the whole universe. He is the very cream of the universal evolution.

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