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Chapter 33: Meditation in the Marketplace

You will not be helping them towards a transformation of being, because for that discontentment is needed. A man has to be so discontented with the world that he is ready to be transformed whatsoever the cost, that he is ready for any risk. And meditation is a risk. It is a risk because your ego has to be sacrificed. Either you can exist, or meditation can happen.

Ordinarily you think, “I am going to meditate.” You do not understand the phenomenology of meditation. You cannot meditate. You are the barrier, you are the only disturbance. If you want meditation to happen, you have to disappear. You have to drop this idea of yourself being somebody. You have to become a nobody. The moment you are nobody a silence descends on you, followed by a contentment. It is not contentment with the world; it is contentment with existence, with the stars, with the roses, with the ocean, with the rocks, with the mountains. It is not contentment with being a president of a country or a prime minister, it is not contentment with being the richest man in the world. It has nothing to do with your so-called world of ambitions. It is a very non-ambitious state. You are utterly empty, even empty of yourself. Only in that emptiness contentment blossoms, flowers - but that contentment is divine.

It is not something that you have done; it is something that you have allowed to happen. You have not been a hindrance; you have become a hollow bamboo, a flute, and you have allowed the song to pass through you. It is not your song. It has not got your signature. It is the song of existence itself.

Go to the marketplace, take meditation to the marketplace, but understand exactly the implications of it. It is not meditation to help people to be contented as they are - you have drugged them, you have stopped their transformation, you have somehow consoled them that “You are perfectly right as you are, there is no more in life. You have already got more than you deserve.”

And people will listen to you. They have listened for thousands of years to this kind of nonsense. There are reasons why they have listened to it: because it is very consoling, relaxing, making you free from any struggle to grow, helping you to remain wherever you are. And you are in the ditches! All the religions, through different theoretical explanations, rationalizations, have been telling people, “Wherever you are, whatever you are, just silently do your duty and you will be benefited.”

Revolution, transformation, are not religious words. And to me there is no authentic religion without revolution, without transformation.

I would like to say, first you need divine discontentment to begin the journey of transformation. You have to be so utterly disgusted with the world you are living in, with the personality that you are living in, that you can start a journey of transformation. The beginning of the pilgrimage has to be a tremendous discontentment.

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