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Chapter 2: You Are Already That.

The same is to be done while awake: listen more, feel more, be more alert in whatsoever you do. If you are taking a bath, then feel the touch of the water running over you, feel it as much as you can. The very feeling, the awareness, will bring you out of the ego; you will become a witness. If you are eating, then eat; but taste more, be more sensitive, be more in your eating and don’t allow your mind to go here and there. Remain there fully alert, and by and by you will see that something is arising out of the sea of sleep; you are becoming more alert, aware.

In your awareness there is no dreaming, no ego. That’s the only way. It is not a part of doing something, it is part of being aware; and the distinction must be remembered. You cannot do awareness, it is not an action. You can be aware, it is part of your being. So feel more, smell more, listen more, touch more, be more and more sensitive.and suddenly something arises out of the sleep and there is no ego; you are surrendered.

Nobody ever surrenders; one suddenly finds one moment that one is surrendered, surrendered to existence, surrendered to the total. When you are not, you are surrendered. When you are, how can you be surrendered? You cannot surrender - you are the barrier, you are the very stuff that the barrier is made of. So don’t ask me, “How do I surrender?” This is the ego asking. When I talk about egolessness or surrender, your ego starts feeling greedy for it. You think, “How come I have not achieved this state up to now? I? - and I have not achieved such a state up to now? I will have to achieve! This surrender cannot escape me. I will have to fetch it somewhere, somehow; it has to be got, it has to be possessed.” The ego is feeling greedy for it and now the ego asks, “How to do it?”

The ego is the greatest technician in the world. The ego lives on know-how. The ego is the very base of all technology. Technology could not develop in the East because people became more and more alert to the ego, and the very root was cut. They lived surrendered lives.

How can you be a technician, a technologist, if you live a surrendered life? Then you leave everything to life and you float. Then you don’t bother about what to do and how to do it. The West has become very, very expert in technology. The reason is that the West has been trying to protect, feed the ego, and the ego is the base inside; the whole structure of technology is based on the ego. If ego drops, the whole structure of technology drops. The world becomes again natural, not man-made.

Then it is the creation of God. And God has not finished the creation yet, as Christians think. They think that he finished it within a week - in fact, within six days, and on the seventh day he rested.

God has not finished creation. Creation is a continuum; it continues. It is not ever going to be finished. At every moment God is creating. In fact, to say that God is creating is wrong - “God” is creativity, creativity and a continuum, an eternal creativity. But man, as the ego, stands against God. Then man starts trying to conquer nature. He starts trying to rape nature. The whole of technology is rape. Surrendered, you are in love; with technology you are in rape. You are trying to rape the whole of nature, and the base is the ego.

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