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Chapter 16: This Is Far Out

In fact, the word sin is beautiful; it comes from a root which means forgetfulness. You may not be able to see the connection between forgetfulness and sin, but there is a connection: forgetfulness means unawareness, unconsciousness.

The sex act in itself is so animal that for centuries we have been hiding it, repressing it, covering it in every possible way.

A middle-aged Australian couple went on a boat trip to England. They did not participate in the social activities each night, but one evening the wife went to bed and the man joined in one of the games. A member of the audience was chosen at random to speak on a subject pulled out of a hat.

The Australian man was chosen, and he was given the subject “sex” to speak about for five minutes. He really got into it and the audience roared with laughter.

When he returned to his cabin, his wife sleepily asked what he had been doing. He told her everything, except that the subject for his talk was sex - he told her it was sailing.

The next day the wife was stopped by a buxom young woman who said, “Your husband’s speech last night was hilarious and full of unusual insights!”

The wife looked puzzled and said, “That’s strange.in his whole life he has only done it twice; the first time he got seasick, and the second time his hat blew off!”

We don’t even want to mention the word! Even the word is avoided. We have other words for it: making love.. Now making love is not possible at all; love is not something that you can make or manufacture or do. Sex can be done - it is just an activity - but love is far deeper. But we want to avoid the word sex; it reminds us of our animality.

That’s what I meant when I said sex for reproduction is sinful. One: now the earth needs no more people. If we are bent upon making a hell out of this earth then it is okay - then go on reproducing. Then listen to the Pope and Mother Teresa.. Ajai Krishn Lakhanpal, mind you, I have mentioned her again - just for your sake, for your peace of mind!.Then listen to all these stupid guys who are telling you to avoid contraceptives, avoid birth control, avoid sterilization, because they are irreligious acts; avoid abortion because that is very immoral. But if you avoid abortion, avoid contraceptives, avoid sterilization, you will be responsible for global suicide and that will be real violence - and we are approaching closer to it every day. That is the first reason I say that sex for reproduction’s sake is sinful.

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