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Chapter 2: And a Perfect Liar at That

To see contradictions is to see through the intellect. Once the intellect is not there interfering and your vision is clear - no thought floats in your consciousness; you are in a state of samyama, absolutely empty - you will never see any contradiction anywhere. All contradictions will look complementary. They are, but the mind has been trained by intellectuals, logicians, by Aristotle. You have been taught to divide things into polar opposites - day and night, life and death, good and bad, God and devil, man and woman. Watertight compartments.

Then if I say, that in every woman there is a man and in every man there is a woman, you will immediately say, “Wait, there is a contradiction. How can a man be a woman, and how can a woman be a man? A man is man, a woman is woman - clear cut.” It is not so. Life does not believe in Aristotle; life is bigger than Aristotle. Man and woman are complementaries, not contradictions.

Have you seen the Taoist symbol of yin and yang? - Contradictions meeting into each other, dissolving into each other: day into night, night into day; life into death, death into life. And that’s how it is. Life and death are not two separate entities. There is no gap between them, no interval. It is life that becomes death, and it is death that again becomes life.

You see a wave rising and moving in the ocean. Just in the wake of the wave there is a hollow, upside down wave following. They are not two separate things. You see a great mountain: just by the side there is a great valley - they are not two things. The valley is nothing but the mountain upside down; the mountain is nothing but the valley downside up.

Man and woman, and all contradictions, are seemingly contradictory. Once you can see this fact, you will always be able to know that I have to talk in contradictions because I have to talk about the total, the whole. Whatsoever I say covers only part; then the other part is left: I have to say that part also. When I say that other part, you say, “Wait, you are being contradictory.”

Language is still Aristotelian, and I don’t think there will ever be a possibility of a non-Aristotelian language. It will be very difficult because for day-to-day, utilitarian purposes we have to divide things into black and white.

Black and white look so separate, but real life is like a rainbow - the whole spectrum. Maybe on one side is white, on the other side is black, but in between there are millions of steps, all joined together. Life is a spectrum. If you drop the mid-steps, then things look contradictory. It is your vision that is not yet clear.

I have heard, it happened one day:

One drunkard burst into the office for registration of births and deaths.

“Gentlemen,” he hiccupped, “I want to register the birth of twins!”

“Why do you say ‘gentlemen’?” inquired the registrar.

“Can’t you see I am here all alone?”

“You are?” gasped the new father, staggering back. “Maybe I had better go back to the hospital and have another look.”

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