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Chapter 33: Truth Is a Dance in the Heart

Putting together all your statements about one subject or question, there are not just contradictions, but such a richness of different viewpoints and angles from which you look at the question.So many colors. When you talk about a certain subject, something in me starts dancing, remembering some of the answers you have given before.
What’s happening?

Every time one realizes something of the truth, there is a dance in the heart.

The heart is the only testimony for the truth.

And it cannot testify through words. It can testify in its own way: trough love, through dance, through playing music: nonverbal - it speaks, but it does not speak in language and logic.

And this is a realization of a certain truth which many people go on missing. They think what I am saying is contradictory, because they are thinking - and thinking is a logical process. And logic can never see beyond contradictions; it has no way to bridge contradictions. Logic is a divider, not a joiner.

The whole of humanity is divided by the mind: the Christian from the Hindu, the Mohammedan from the Jew, the Indian from the American, the German from the Italian. Mind goes on dividing - divisions within divisions within divisions. Even Christianity is not one, it is divided - into Catholics and Protestants. And the Protestants are not one, they are divided.

Mind’s whole function is to go on dividing.

The function of the heart is to see the joining link about which the mind is completely blind.

When someone finds contradictions in my statements, he has no understanding from the heart; otherwise things will be very simple.

I have been answering different people. When I answer somebody, I am answering him, his needs; and he is the focus of my whole effort. When I am answering somebody else, the question may be the same, but the questioner is not the same.

A philosopher remains consistent because he answers the question. The mystic cannot remain consistent because he answers the questioner - and the questioners are always different. Their qualities are different, their receptivities are different, their potentialities are different. Their past is different, their present is different, their future is different - although the question may be the same.

The problem is whether to answer the question or the questioner. If you answer the question and do not care at all about the questioner, your answer is going to be bookish; it has no spirit in it. It is not a personal communion.

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