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Chapter 7: Autumn Floods

Philosophy is an attitude towards life. ‘Attitude’ means a choice, and choice can only be fragmentary.

A mystic never chooses. He looks at the whole without any choice on his part; he does not become a chooser. If you choose, then there is a problem immediately because life is contradictory. Life exists through contradictions, and it is beautiful how life manages the impossible. The night and the day exist as neighbors, not neighbors really - the day melts into the night and becomes the night; the night melts again into the day and becomes the day. Love and hate exist together: the love melts and becomes the hate, the hate melts and becomes the love. Life and death exist together: life goes on melting into death and death goes on melting again into life. Existence is contradictory, but there is a deep harmony between the opposite polarities.

For the mind this looks impossible, this cannot be. How can opposites exist together? How can there be a harmony between life and death? How can there be a harmony between hate and love? The mind says: “Love is never hate and hate is never love.” The mind says: “A is A and B is B and A is never B.” Mind is logical and life is contradictory, that is why they never meet. So if you say that this man is good, you cannot believe that this man is also bad. But life is such: the sinner exists in the saint and the saint exists in the sinner. Only logic is clean-cut, with boundaries, definitions.

Life is not clean-cut, it moves into the opposite. Just look.you can be a saint this moment and a sinner the next. What is the problem for life? You can be a sinner this moment and the next moment you can rise above it and become a saint. What is the problem?

Look at the inside phenomenon: how things melt into the opposite, how opposites exist together. You are happy, happy like a flower, happy like a star, and suddenly you become sad. Look.is this sadness something separate from your happiness? Or has the same energy become sadness? Who was happy and who is sad? Are there two persons within you or the same person having moods? And the same energy goes on moving: sometimes it is sad and sometimes it is happy. If you understand this then you don’t create a contradiction between the two. And then your sadness has a flavor of happiness and your happiness has a depth of sadness also.

If a buddha is sad you will see a blissful feeling in his sadness, you will see an undercurrent of compassion. His sadness is beautiful. And if a buddha is happy, and if you look deep and observe him, you will feel that in his happiness there is a depth - just the same depth as there always is with sadness. His happiness is not shallow.

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