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Chapter 16: The University of Inner Alchemy

Think of a world where only men exist and no women. There will be no tension - certainly. There will be great brotherhood, everybody will be gay - literally gay! But life will lose something, something of immense importance - there will be no tension. It will be like having loose strings on a sitar; you cannot create music. You have to make them tight and tense, only then can you strike music out of them, only then can the hidden become manifest. With loose strings on a sitar how can you create music? They have to be tight, in a certain tension. Only great masters know how much tension is the right tension. And in the right tension the greatest melody is possible.

I teach you the right tension between the lower and the higher, between the body and the soul, between the earth and heaven - a right tension with no antagonism. The lower has not to be denied for the higher, neither has the higher to be denied for the lower. They are together, they are two aspects of the same reality, they interpenetrate.

So I don’t say drop your doubt, I don’t say drop your no. I say let your no become the tension for your yes, let your no become the background for your yes. Let your no create the context in which the yes will be more meaningful. Only in contrast does meaning arise. You write with white chalk on a blackboard - why? Because only in contrast will the white show; it will be loud and clear. Let no become the blackboard, and yes the white writing on it.

Your trust should not be a blind trust, your trust should be a trust which has eyes. Your trust should not be an impotent trust, a trust which is trust because you are impotent to say no. Your trust should be alive, strong, vital. Your trust will be capable of saying no. Say yes and yet retain the capacity to say no, then you will be surprised - your yes has such sharpness, such brilliance, such intelligence! Then it is not blind, it has eyes to see.

Use no as a foundation for yes, use doubt as manure for the rosebush. Use everything that existence has given to you. Nothing, nothing at all, has to be denied; all has to be absorbed, because nothing is unessential, unimportant. Even though sometimes it looks unessential, unimportant, even though sometimes it looks positively harmful and poisonous, it has not to be denied. It has not to be thrown out, because later on, on the way, as you become wiser you will repent if you threw something away, because you will need it in some situation. There are moments when poison is needed as medicine. There are moments of wisdom when just the touch of the wise man, and the poison becomes nectar.

I want you to become alchemists. This is an alchemical school, a university for inner alchemy. We are trying to change the baser metal into gold. So remember, I accept your no too, I love your no too. I accept all that you are. I accept all that you are not - even that too. You are accepted whatsoever you are, and you are accepted whatsoever you are not. You are accepted in totality.

From my side there is no question of denying anything, but of transforming it.

The second question:

What is the ego? Remaining unenlightened, are we always functioning through the ego or are there moments when we are free of it?

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