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Chapter 21: To Know Oneself and to Be Oneself

Can you please speak on discipline and meditation?

It is a very strange question because every day, morning and evening, I am speaking on discipline and meditation. If anybody reads your question, he will think that for the first time I have to speak on discipline and meditation! Where have you been for so long?

You remind me of two old friends; they meet on a street in Leningrad.

“How is life treating you,” asks one.

“Just great,” replies the other.

The first one looks at him dubiously and says, “Have you been reading the papers?”

“Of course,” replies the other, “how else would I know!”

People know about their own lives by reading newspapers, and I have been telling you every day about meditation and nothing else, and you are asking.!


A little old Jewish lady sits down on a plane next to a big Norwegian. She keeps staring and staring at him. Finally she turns to him and says, “Pardon me, are you Jewish?”

“No,” he replies. A few minutes go by and she looks at him again and says, “You can tell me - you are Jewish, aren’t you?”

He answers, “Definitely not.”

She keeps studying him, and says again, “I can tell you are Jewish!”

In order to get her to stop annoying him, the gentleman says, “Okay, I am Jewish.”

She looks at him and shakes her head back and forth and says, “Really, you don’t look it!”

I am wondering from where to begin! Meditation is the only contribution the East has made to humanity. The West has made many contributions, thousands of scientific inventions, immense progress in medicine, unbelievable discoveries in all the dimensions in life. But still, a single contribution of the East is far more valuable than all the contributions of the West.

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