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Chapter 2: You Are the World

“You are the world.” This is one of the confusing statements of Krishnamurti.
We don’t think there is anybody else present on the earth except you who could help us to understand it, so we request you to say something on it.

Yesterday, there was a question left, left for tomorrow; but just now I realized that tomorrow never comes. Unless tomorrow comes sometime, that question will have to wait.

J. Krishnamurti’s statement that “You are the world” is not confusing at all. It is very simple; just a little intelligence is needed to understand it.

We can try to approach the statement from a few different directions.

The world is only a name; the individual is the reality. You can go on trying to find the world all over the world, and you will not find it; you will always find the individual.

Words like the world, the society, the religion, the nation, are mere words with no content behind them - empty containers.

Except you, there is no world.

This is one way of understanding the statement: that the individual is the only reality. And the world is nothing but the collectivity of individuals, so whatever it is, it is a contribution of individuals. If it is ugly, you have contributed to its ugliness. If it is full of hate, jealousy, anger, greed, ambition, you have contributed to this whole hell in which we are living. You cannot throw the responsibility on somebody else; you have to accept the responsibility on your own shoulders.

That is another way of understanding the statement, “You are the world.”

We are continuously shifting the responsibility. If there is war, if there is an Adolf Hitler, a Ronald Reagan, it becomes easy for us to point to these people and say that they are responsible. But who creates them?

Adolf Hitler is our contribution. Without us, he is nobody.

Ronald Reagan is nothing but our opinion. It is our vote, it is our support.

So the moment you condemn anybody, remember: you are condemning yourself. However indirect your contribution may be, your contribution is there.

It is possible to live like a Jaina monk or a Buddhist monk or a Catholic monk in a monastery, completely closed as far as the world is concerned.

There are monasteries in Tibet.there used to be many in China before the communist revolution. There are a few in Europe with a strange and long history.

The monastery at Athos in Europe is one thousand years old. In one thousand years, whoever has entered the monastery has not come out living. You only enter: once a monk, forever a monk. And the monastery does not allow its inmates to come out into the world; they are brought out only when they are dead.

Do you think they are not responsible for Adolf Hitler? they are not responsible for world wars?

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