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Chapter 3: The Center and the Periphery

It was not so when you were outside, lost in a forest. But now, sitting inside the house, the whole phenomenon is tremendously beautiful. Now the rain comes and you enjoy. Now the lightning is there and you enjoy, and great thunder in the clouds and you enjoy, because now you are safe inside. Once you reach to the center, you start enjoying whatsoever happens on the surface. So the whole thing is not to fight on the surface, but, rather, slip into the center. Then there is a control, and a control which has not been forced, a control which happens spontaneously when you are centered.

Centering in consciousness is the control of the mind. So don’t try to control the mind. The language can mislead you. Nobody can control, and those who try to control will go mad. They will simply go neurotic, because trying to control the mind is nothing but a part of the mind trying to control another part of the mind.

Who are you, who is trying to control? You are also a wave, a religious wave of course, trying to control. And there are irreligious waves: there is sex and there is anger and there is jealousy and possessiveness and hatred, and millions of waves - irreligious. And then there are religious waves: meditation, love, compassion. But these are all on the surface, of the surface. And on the surface, religious, irreligious, doesn’t make any difference.

Religion is at the center, and in the perspective that happens through the center. Sitting inside your home you look at your own surface. Everything changes because your perspective is new. Suddenly you are in control. In fact, you are so much in control that you can leave the surface uncontrolled. This is subtle. You are so much in control, so rooted, not worried about the surface; in fact, you would like the waves and the tides and the storm. It is beautiful, it gives energy, it is a strength - there is nothing to be worried about it: only weaklings worry about thoughts. Only weaklings worry about the mind. Stronger people simply absorb the whole, and they are richer for it. Stronger people simply never reject anything. Rejection is out of weakness - you are afraid. Stronger people would like to absorb everything that life gives. Religious, irreligious, moral, immoral, divine, devil makes no difference; a stronger person absorbs everything and he is richer for it. He has a totally different depth ordinary religious people cannot have; they are poor and shallow.

Watch ordinary religious people going to the temple and to the mosque and to the church - you will always find very, very shallow people with no depth because they have rejected parts of themselves, they have become crippled. They are, in a certain way, paralyzed.

Nothing is wrong in the mind, nothing is wrong in the thoughts. If anything is wrong, it remains on the surface, because then you don’t know the whole and unnecessarily suffer because of the part and the part-perception. A whole perception is needed, and that is possible only from the center, because from the center you can look all around in all dimensions, all directions, the whole periphery of your being. And it is vast. In fact, it is the same as the periphery of existence. Once you are centered, by and by you become wider and wider and bigger and bigger, and you end with being brahman, not less than that.

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