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Chapter 7: The Rock Bottom of It All

The group was really good for me. I saw that I am always in control even when doing dynamic meditation or making love to my girlfriend. Have you anything I could do to help me?

Doing won’t help, because it will be under your control but something not like doing is needed; something totally different - like being possessed.

Next time you make love do humming together, or dance, shriek, go wild, jump around, jog in the room, do absurd things. Do anything that has no pattern and no past. Don’t take the same posture that you have been taking before - change it. If you have been on top, don’t be; let your lady be on top. If you are always making love in darkness, then make love in the day. Just change the whole pattern topsy-turvy, a chaos, and then suddenly the mind is out of.the mind cannot understand what is happening. The mind is incapable of dealing with anything new. It will say this is foolish and what stupid things you are doing.

Don’t listen to the mind - because this mind is in control. You have to do something that is diametrically opposite to it. Start making faces, and tell your lady to close her eyes, [a chuckle] she may get scared!

While making love breathe as deeply as possible.because if you want to control yourself, the basic control is the breath, and through breath, sex is controlled. Breathe deeply like an animal - shriek, utter sounds, go wild - and the control will be lost.

Once the control is lost you are in a totally different dimension. A totally different world suddenly opens its doors, is available to you. If it happens in love then it will be very easy in meditation. If it happens in meditation then it will be easy in love - they are related. So wherever it happens, it helps. You try, mm?


I feel very good, but I felt uncomfortable during the group. I think I had a delayed reaction to it, and it crystallized some things that were happening in meditation. I was feeling in a kind of negative mood when it finished.

A reaction can be delayed, sometimes by days or even weeks, because we have a very complex being.

There is the body which functions on its own. It doesn’t care about your mind; it is not very aware of it, and cannot be. It goes on its own autonomous system. It works on its own, and it has to, because if it listens to the mind then everything will be disturbed. You eat - then the body goes on digesting. Whether you sleep, walk, talk; whether you are happy or unhappy, the body goes on digesting. It has to work: blood has to circulate, breathing has to come and go, a thousand and one chemical things continue.

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