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Chapter 17: A Device to Find Yourself

Sex is a simple, natural phenomenon, and nature is not against spirituality. Anything that is against nature cannot be spiritual. Spirituality is the growth of the natural to its ultimate potential. But all the religions have been sex repressive, have been teaching celibacy - which is absolutely impossible.. And I simply cannot conceive that in the whole world there are thousands of great surgeons, millions of medical doctors, physiologists, biologists and chemists who all know that celibacy is impossible, but none of them speaks the truth. It goes against the traditions - against Christianity, against Hinduism, against Jainism, against Buddhism, against all the religions of the world.

Millions of people know the truth, that there is no control of the mind over your biology. Do you have any control over your blood? It is only three hundred years ago that man came to know that blood circulates in the body continuously. For thousands of years it was believed that blood is a filling inside. There was no question of circulation because you don’t become aware of the circulation - but it is circulating. We have only been aware of this after surgery became capable of understanding the inside of the human body.

Do you have any control over your digestion? Can you manage to eat something and transform it into blood? Do you know how your male sperms are created?

If you don’t know anything about your biology, and even if you do know, there is no way to control it. Then it is a stupid teaching to tell people to be celibate. You are creating schizophrenia in those people’s minds; you are cutting them into two parts. You are condemning their bodies and you are making them feel guilty each time they fail to fulfill your requirements - and they will fail, because they have no power over nature.

If you eat food, if you breathe air, if you exercise, walk.the male sperms are going to be created, and you have only a very small space for them. They demand release because they are living creatures, and if you don’t release them, they will find a way to be released by themselves.

But it is a strange phenomenon that for ten thousand years no thinker has been against celibacy, has not said the truth that it is criminal to teach such an unnatural thing.

This was the fear of Gautam Buddha.

And because his monks were celibate, when women were initiated there was a danger that the women and men would be close together. This very fear shows that he knew perfectly well that all these monks had only repressed sex. If the woman becomes available, all that repression will disappear.

That’s why the religion that was going to last for five thousand years, was going to last only five hundred years. In fact it did not last even that much. You know it. Buddhism was born in India and completely disappeared from India - totally - so much so that even the temple which was raised as a memorial, where Buddha became enlightened.The priest was a brahmin, because there was not a single Buddhist left to be a priest in that temple. And still the priest is a brahmin.

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