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Chapter 6: Repression or Transformation?

Suppression exists as a protection, as a safeguard, as a security measure, and religions have used this security measure. They have exploited this fear of sex and they have made you more afraid. They have created an inner trembling. They have made sex the basic sin, and they say: “Unless sex disappears you will not be able to enter into the kingdom of God.” They are right in a sense, and still wrong. I also say unless sex disappears you will not be able to enter into the kingdom of God. But sex disappears only when you have accepted it totally - not suppressed but transformed it.

Religions have exploited human fear and the human tendency to be egoistic. They have created many techniques: how to suppress. It is not very difficult to suppress but it is very costly - because your whole energy becomes divided, fighting, and then the whole life is dissipated.

Sex is the most vital energy, the only energy, I say, which you have. Don’t fight with it - it will be a waste of life and time - rather transform it. But how to do it? How to transform it? What can we do? If you have understood the fear, then you can understand the clue, what can be done.

The fear is there because you feel that the control will be lost, and once the control is lost you cannot do anything. I teach you a new control: the control of the witnessing self, not the control of a manipulating mind but the control of a witnessing self. And I tell you that that control is the most supreme control possible, and that control is so natural that you never feel that you are controlling. The control happens spontaneously with witnessing.

Move into sex but be a witness. The only thing to remember is: “I must encounter the whole process, I must see through it, I must remain a witness, I should not become unconscious” - that’s all. Become wild but don’t become unconscious. Then there is no danger in wildness; then wildness is beautiful. Really, only a wild man can be beautiful. A woman who is not wild cannot be beautiful - because the more wild, the more alive. Then you are just like a wild tiger, or a wild deer running in the forest - and the beauty of it.

But the problem is: don’t become unconscious. If you become unconscious then you are under unconscious forces, then you are under the forces of karma. Whatsoever you have done in the past is accumulated there. That accumulated conditioning can take grip of you and move you in certain directions which will be dangerous for you and for others. But if you remain a witness that past conditioning cannot interfere.

So the whole method, or the whole process of becoming a witness, is the process of transforming the sex energy. Moving into sex, remain alert. Whatsoever is happening, observe it, see through it; don’t miss a single point. Whatsoever is happening in your body, in your mind, in your inner energy, a new circuit is being made, the body electricity is moving in a new way, in a new circular way. Now the body electricity has become one with the partner, with the wife, with the consort. And now an inner circle is created - and you can feel it. If you are alert you can feel it. You will feel that now you have become a vehicle of a vital moving energy.

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