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Chapter 8: Life Is beyond Your Control

Drop the control and then suddenly the energy will have an upsurge, a breakthrough. It will penetrate like a sharp knife, and may even be painful the first time it penetrates you. But then everything becomes so beautiful. Life is so tremendously beautiful. One has only to allow, and it is there just waiting for you, just for the asking.


I learned a lot about my control. I control, and I find it very hard to let go. Today I’ve just been digesting that.

Don’t get back into the old habit of controlling yourself. Once you become controlled, too controlled, you don’t allow life to happen to you. You have too many conditions, and life cannot fulfill any.

Life happens to you only when you are unconditionally accepting it; when you are ready to welcome it whatsoever shape it comes in, in whatsoever form it takes. But a man who has too much control is always asking life to come in a certain form, fulfilling certain conditions - and life doesn’t bother; it just passes these people by the side. They remain almost dead, vegetating.

The sooner you break out of the confinement of control the better, because all control is from the mind. And you are greater than the mind. So a small part is trying to dominate, trying to dictate. Life goes on moving and you are left far behind, and then you are frustrated. The logic of the mind is such that it says, ”Look, you didn’t control well, that’s why you missed, so control more.”

The truth is just the opposite: people miss because of too much control. Be like a wild river, and much, much that you cannot even dream, cannot even imagine, cannot even hope, is available just by the corner, just within reach. But open your hand; don’t go on living the life of a fist, because that is the life of control.

Live a life of open handedness. The whole sky is available, don’t settle for less. Never settle for less. The whole sky, the whole sky is our birthright - to fly to the farthest corners of existence, and to enjoy and delight and celebrate all that life has given.

So if an insight has come, keep hold of that thread so that it doesn’t slip out of the hand.


The group more or less summed up what I am by the name they gave me - in the last darshan when I played the guitar for you, you brought it out too - they gave me the name “Bullshit.”

No, they simply exaggerated. You have just a little.chickenshit!

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