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Chapter 1: Empty Your Cup

She said, “This is beautiful and never heard of before.” So they pre-pared a funeral pyre, the nun made herself comfortable in it, sat in a buddha posture, and then they lit the fire.

One man from the crowd asked, “How does it feel there? It is so hot that I cannot even come nearer to ask you - that’s why I am shouting. How does it feel there?”

The nun laughed and said, “Only a fool can ask such a question: How does it feel there? There it always feels cool, perfectly cool.”

She is talking of her inner being, the center. There it is always cool, and only a foolish person can ask. Why does she say that only a foolish person can ask? It is obvious. When a person is ready to sit in the fire meditating, and then the fire is burnt and she is sitting silently, obviously it shows that this person must have achieved the innermost cool point which cannot be disturbed by any fire; otherwise, it is not possible.

So when you are lying on your bed feverish, on fire, the whole body burning, just watch it. Watching, you will recede towards the source. Watching, you will gain balance, a rhythm. Watching, not doing anything.what can you do? The fever is there, you have to pass through it; it is no use unnecessarily fighting with it. You are resting, and if you fight with the fever you will become more feverish, that’s all. So watch it. Watching fever, you become cool; watching more, you become cooler. Just watching, you reach to a peak, such a cool peak, even the Himalayas will feel jealous; even their peaks are not so cool. This is the Gourishankar, the Everest within. And when you feel that the fever has disappeared.. It has never really been there; it has only been in the body, very, very far away.

Infinite space exists between you and your body - infinite space, I say. An unbridgeable gap exists between you and your body. And all suffering exists on the periphery. Hindus say it is a dream because the distance is so vast, unbridgeable. It is just like a dream happening somewhere else - not happening to you - in some other world, on some other planet.

When you watch suffering suddenly you are not the sufferer, and you start enjoying. Through suffering you become aware of the opposite pole, the blissful inner being. So when I say enjoy, I am saying: Watch. Return to the source, get centered. Then, suddenly, there is no agony; only ecstasy exists. Those who are on the periphery exist in agony. For them, no ecstasy. For those who have come to their center no agony exists. For them, only ecstasy.