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Chapter 4: Hatha Yoga and Hypnosis

Gurdjieff used to create many situations. You would come into a room and no one would look at you, no one would pay any attention to you. Twenty persons might be sitting there, and they would all behave as if you were not there. You would begin to behave in a certain way which would be studied.

You are here. A situation can be created in which you are forced to be angry. Then you can be studied. Or, you come in and everyone begins to laugh at you. Suddenly you are a different person. These are situational methods. Gurdjieff was a master at creating situations; that was the way he worked.

Study Gurdjieff too. For the last fifty years he has been the most important person in the West as far as yoga is concerned, even though he was not directly concerned with yoga at all. He was trying to do many things through Sufi methods. He would create situations in which your unconscious was suddenly revealed without your knowing it.

Every moment you are revealing your unconscious. I can say certain things about you right now, or at any given moment, because of the way you sit, the way you walk into a room, the way you talk, the way you look. Everything is connected, everything is deeply related.

You say that you cannot be hypnotized. That shows your attitude: a firm, deep attitude. It means much.

But even if I try, nothing happens.

Nothing will happen, because the very trying will be the barrier. In hypnosis, no active cooperation is needed, only passive cooperation. If you are actively cooperative, your very activity will become the barrier. Hypnosis needs a deep passivity, so if you are too concerned with being hypnotized, that will be the barrier, your very effort will be the undoing. If a person is actively cooperative, different methods have to be used, methods that use active cooperation.

That is the problem. Certain methods use non-active cooperation, passivity, and other methods use active cooperation. First, your activity has to be exhausted. You have to be made tired before you can be passive. Then the method works.

But for you, hypnosis can be a deep help, a very deep help.