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Chapter 1: On the Road of Sighs

But you are so full of knowledge, you are so full of unnecessary luggage, your mind is so much in a constant chattering. You may call it the Veda or you may call it the Koran, it doesn’t matter. Unless you are empty, the Veda is not going to happen to you, the Koran is not going to flow through you. Unless you are empty, you will not contact truth - and truth is another name for godliness. I am using the word truth so that even atheists are not offended, but truth and godliness are synonymous, interchangeable, they mean the same thing.

Then what is truth if it is not a tradition? It is a revolution, it is a turning in. Tradition looks backwards, tradition looks at others, tradition wants something to be given. Revolution looks inwards. Nothing has to be given to you from any source; you have already got it, it is already the case. Just turning in, just looking in, waiting, watching, going inwards to the core of your being - and it is there.

Sufism is an inner journey. By revolution I don’t mean a political revolution. Political revolutions are not revolutions at all; they only substitute one slavery for another slavery. The only revolution there is, is religious. The only revolution there is, is turning away from tradition and turning inwards to the source of your being.

Knowing “Who am I?” is the only revolutionary step - the first and the last, the alpha and the omega.

That’s the meaning of becoming a Sufi, or becoming a sannyasin. Sannyasin is my name for the Sufi: one who is fed up with the outside world, who has known its frustrations, who has known its utter futility, who has known all the anxiety and anguish of it and is ready to dive deep within oneself to know “Who am I?” Because unless one knows oneself, all knowledge is useless.

The foremost, the most fundamental thing, is to become aware at the core of your being. And it is a miracle to become aware of it, because at the core of your being you are always pure, always innocent, always virgin, always celibate. At the very core of your being, you have never left the Garden of Eden, you are still in paradise.

That is the name of Hakim Sanai’s book, the Hadiqa. It means the Garden - the Garden of God, paradise.

Where is this paradise? There are foolish people who have been searching for the Garden of Eden. A few think it was in Babylon, a few think it was on the continent of Atlantis which has gone down in the ocean - there has been a search. This is whole complete stupidity.

The Garden exists in you. Adam has not been expelled from the Garden of Eden, he has fallen asleep. “The original fall” simply means you have forgotten who you are. Adam has become knowledgeable and has lost his purity of consciousness.

That’s the meaning of the parable of the Tree of Knowledge. Adam has eaten from the Tree of Knowledge - that is the original sin. See the beauty of the parable: knowledge is the original sin, to become knowledgeable is to fall from grace. Then how to attain it again? Drop your knowledge, become innocent again. Be a child again, and you will be able to enter into the Garden of Eden.

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