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Chapter 5: Never Born, Never Dies

Thirdly, you have to constantly jump so that the energy becomes a movement within you. The energy should not become static, it must become dynamic. So go on jumping. And I will not be speaking so I will give you indications with my hands. When I move my hands, bring your energy more and more to your jumping and to your mantra “hoo!” Bring your total energy to it. Don’t withhold anything. If you are withholding anything you will miss the whole point. Bring your totality to it.

And one thing more: sometimes, when I feel that your energies are jumping and have become a dynamic force and you have become open to grace, whenever I feel that moment of tuning I will turn my palms downwards. Whenever you see that my palms are turned downwards, feel as if the divine, the cosmic, is descending upon you. And in that moment go completely mad with the mantra “hoo”, jumping with your hands raised. Forget that you are there, just become a flow of energy.

Whenever you see that my palms are turned downwards, be receptive and go completely mad. In that mad dance the cosmic can be touched. Not only will you touch it, the cosmic can touch you. It can penetrate you and that penetration will become a pregnancy, and the cosmic will become a child within you and it will grow. And unless the cosmic, the divine grows within you.and it will grow! But unless the cosmic, the divine, grows within you, you can never feel the absolute bliss for which the mind hankers, the body hankers, the whole being is thirsty.

But remember, again I say to you, bring your total energy to the method; only then is something possible. When you are totally in it only then the point of evaporation is reached, never before.