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Chapter 32: An Encounter with Existence

Please explain the reasons for your raising your hands upward and then bringing them downward in the night meditation.

It is significant. While doing the night meditation I raise my hands slowly upward, my palms facing the sky. That is just to help your energy to flow upward, a symbolic gesture so that you can jump when my hands are going up and you can feel your energy moving upward: your kundalini uncoiling, the serpent within trying to reach the sky, your sex energy moving upward to the sahasrar.

When I feel that you are ready - your energy has become vibrant, active; you are feeling it and jumping with it and you are attuned to me - then I raise my hands slowly upward, my palms facing toward the sky. The first thing: to indicate to you to move with me, with my hands, to silently move upward with my hands. And secondly: to face the inner sky, to remain open to the sky within. Let your face be toward the inner sky - not the outer face, not your outer eyes. Your outward eyes are fixed on me. Let your inner soul open upward. Only then can your energy meet the cosmic energy, the divine energy.

So be open. Be ready for an encounter with the sky, with the divine, with existence. Go on jumping, moving, and remain open. Then, when I feel you are ready and open, that the energy is moving and a moment has come when contact with the cosmos is possible, I turn my palms downward. Again, this is a gesture, a gesture that now the cosmic energy, the divine force, is surrounding you, you are under it. My palms are just symbolic: now you are under a cosmic force, and the cosmic force is descending upon you.

First, you were jumping upward, you were raising yourself upward. First, you were moving upward to meet the divine. Now, the divine is moving downward to meet you. You have to go on jumping even more vigorously, because this is the moment. When I turn my palms downward, remember, don’t miss the moment. Bring your total energy to the meditation. Stare at me, jump strongly, go completely mad. This is the moment!

If you are ready, and jumping, and vibrant, you have come to the point of evaporation, just as water evaporates at 100 degrees. If it is at 90 degrees it becomes warm, it may become hot, but it cannot evaporate. Only at a fixed point, 100 degrees, is the water transformed so that it is no longer water. And the quality of it changes. Water flows downward, that is its inherent quality. But the moment it evaporates, it moves upward. It has become a vapor. Now, it is moving up, the very quality has changed. It was moving downward, now it is moving upward.

At a particular point you can meet the divine. It is a cosmic orgasm - just like the sex act. Through your sex center you meet with nature. Through sahasrar, your energy is moving into the cosmos through your head, you meet the divine. It is also a sex act, known as samadhi. You are meeting existence itself.

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