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Chapter 12: Kundalini Will Transform You

You said yesterday that our kundas or pools of energy are not separate and different from each other, they are really one cosmic kunda. But so far as a seeker is concerned his energy will rise from his own kunda and not from others. So is the kunda really one? Please explain.

It is like this: You have a well in your house and I have another well in my house. Obviously, the two wells seem to be separate from each other. But the underground stream from which these two wells draw their supply of water is the same. And this underground stream, in its turn, is connected with the distant ocean.

If you follow the course of the stream which is the source of your well’s water, you will not only come across my well and all other wells, you will ultimately come upon the great ocean itself. In the same way, in the context of the kundalini, the person is there only at the beginning of the journey. As the journey comes to its end, the person too, comes to his end. Then there is only the whole, the absolute, the one, or whatever you call it.

So at the starting point of the journey you are separate and I am separate, but at the destination, the ultimate point, there is neither you nor I. We are just fragments or parts of what is there at the journey’s end.

When the kundalini manifests itself in you, it will seem at first to belong to you - the person. It will seem to be yours. Naturally, you will find yourself standing at the edge of your well. But as the experience of kundalini expands, by and by you will find that your well is connected with all other wells also. And the more this experience deepens, the more your personal well disappears, and in its place the ocean comes into being. And it is in the ultimate experiencing that you will be able to say that this kunda belongs to all.

It is in this sense that I said the kunda is one and universal; it is one cosmic pool of energy.

We all, as we are, seem to be separate as persons. Let us understand it in a different way. If a leaf on a tree all of a sudden becomes conscious and aware, then the neighboring leaf will appear to be separate to it. How can it know that a leaf hanging from another branch of the tree is itself? Forget the leaf on the other branch; it cannot even think of another leaf on its own branch to be itself. Even the leaf that is closest to it, right next to it, will appear to be separate. This is because the consciousness of this leaf is, as yet, personal.

But if this leaf goes within, it will soon discover that the neighboring leaf is hanging on the same stem as its own, and that they both get their life-juice from the same source. If this leaf goes deeper it will know that not only its own stem, but also the neighboring stem is part of the same tree, and that their life force is one and the same. And if it reaches the very roots of the tree it will learn that all its branches and all its leaves are, like itself, parts of one and the same tree.

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