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Chapter 7: A Bird with Two Wings

Perhaps something has gone wrong in nature and we are the product of it - freaks. Unless you know the meaning of yourself, you cannot have a deep relationship with the cosmos. The meaning is going to become a bridge with the cosmos. And unless you feel some meaning, some truth in your being, you are not yet aware of a deep communion with the whole.

Truth is the experience of being in deep communion with the eternity of existence, and with the wholeness and the perfection and the grandeur and the magnificence of that which is.

Truth simply means that which is.

It is pure isness.

And the revelation of this truth to you is only possible if your chit, your consciousness, rises to its ultimate flowering.

It is consciousness that is going to discover the truth. Hence, meditation is emphasized. Meditation will not give you the truth, it will give you more and more consciousness, and finally, consciousness gives you two things: on one hand, truth, and on the other hand, a tremendous bliss. You become almost like a bird with two wings. Truth is your one wing, bliss is your other wing. And you are pure consciousness.

In this experience you can fly like an eagle across the sun into the unknown. Then this whole universe belongs to you. Then wherever you are, you are at home. Then whatever you are, you are in utter peace. Then whatever happens is beautiful and brings tremendous gratitude to you.

Prayer becomes your very heartbeat. You don’t pray in synagogues and in churches and in temples and mosques. Those are for the irreligious. Those are for the hypocrites. Those are for the pretenders. The authentic religious man has prayer in his heartbeats. He is continuously feeling a tremendous gratitude to all that existence has made available to us - life.love.laughter.

Is man really the most hilarious animal?
Would you give us a few more examples?

Devageet, this is more like you. The other day you were asking about death. That is not at all a reflection of your individuality. You are a man who can understand laughter as one of the most religious qualities. It has never been accepted by any religion as a religious quality.

But I am never in agreement with any superstition, howsoever old and ancient it may be. And I don’t care at all what others have believed, lived. I trust my own experience more than any holy scripture, more than any great saint or sage.

My experience about laughter is that it is the most purifying, the most healthy, the most rejuvenating, the most refreshing, and the most total experience. It can be your first experience of totality. You can laugh totally.

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