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Chapter 3: The Sword and the Lotus

Suddenly, out of the dirty mud the lotus starts growing - a sunrise, and the lotus opens its petals, and on its petals you can see beautiful dewdrops shining in the morning sun with such glory, such splendor, that even pearls will feel jealous.

At this moment you are the most blessed people on the earth. The whole world is looking for mundane things - for very ordinary, mediocre, outward commodities: money, power, prestige.

All these will be left when you die.

Only witnessing will go with you.

Just like wings.your consciousness will fly into eternity. You will be a swan going to its home, disappearing into the blue sky, into the ultimate cosmos.

We have called the awakened ones by another name also: paramahansa, the great swan, who flies alone into the unknown and disappears into the cosmos, becomes one with the cosmos - not a part but the whole.

To make it more clear, Nivedano.


Relax.but go on witnessing.

Go on remaining the buddha.

Such great ecstasy, such deep divine drunkenness, and your consciousness is melting. Gautama the Buddha Auditorium is turning into an ocean of consciousness without any ripples.

Collect as many flowers of the beyond as possible, as many fragrances of the lotus that is growing at the center of your being, and on the lotus the buddha is sitting.

Persuade the buddha to come along with you. He is your very nature.

This is the first step into religiousness - to bring the buddha so close that you disappear and only buddha remains.

Then the second step is very easy, no guidance is needed. You can take the quantum leap from buddha into the cosmos - either now or at the time of your death.

But bring him closer and closer, inch by inch. Every day he is coming closer. Soon you will find him just like a shadow always following you, first. Second, you will become the shadow following him.

I am so tremendously happy seeing your sincerity, seeing your earnestness, seeing your total inquiry into your own nature. This is the ultimate science.



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