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Chapter 30: Accept Life in Its Totality

Sex is biological surrender. samadhi - cosmic consciousness - is existential surrender. Through sex you touch life. Through samadhi, ecstasy, you touch existence, you move even deeper than life; the basic existence is touched. Through sex you move from yourself to another person; in samadhi you move from yourself to the whole, to the cosmos.

Tantra is, if you will allow me, “cosmic sex”! It is a falling in love with the whole cosmos, it is a surrender toward the whole cosmos. And you have to be passive. To a limit you have to be active, but beyond that limit you are not needed; you are a hindrance then. Then leave it to the life force, leave it to the existence.

The second thing: if you go on thinking about surrender as negative and passive, nothing is wrong in it. It is passive and negative, but the negativity and the passivity is nothing condemnable. In our minds, the moment we hear the word negative some condemnation enters, the moment we hear passive some condemnation enters - because for the ego both of these are deaths.

Nothing is wrong in being passive. Passivity is a way to be in deep contact with the universe. And you cannot be active with it - that is the difference between religion and science. Science is active with the universe, religion is passive with the universe. Science is just like the male mind - active, violent, forcing; religion is a feminine mind - open, passive, receptive. Receptivity is always passive. And truth is not to be created, it is to be received.

You are not going to create the truth. The truth is already there! You have to receive it. You have to become the host and then the truth will become your guest. And a host has to be passive. You have to be like a womb to receive it, but your mind is trained for activity - to be active, to do something - and this is the realm where whatsoever you do will become a hindrance. Do not do - just be! This is what passivity means: do not do anything. Just be, and allow that which is already there to happen to you. You are not needed creatively, actively, to do something. You are needed just to receive. Be passive; do not interfere. Nothing is wrong with passivity.

Poetry happens when you are passive. Even the greatest discoveries of science have happened in passivity. But the attitude of science is active. Even the greatest things in science happen only when the scientist is passive, just waiting, not doing anything. And religion is basically passive.

What is Buddha doing when he is meditating? Our language, our terms, give a false impression. When we say Buddha is meditating, it appears, because of the terms used, that he is doing something. But meditation means not doing. If you are doing something, nothing will happen.