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Chapter 18: You Just Have to Gather Courage

When I hear you talk about the interdependence and interwovenness of everything that exists - that nobody and nothing is an island, something is dawning in me which I can hardly put into words. What so far has just been an intellectual perception sometimes crystallizes as moments of awe and admiration for existence’s intelligence, which goes so far beyond our own limited thinking.
The small but so revealing fact that a single electron can disappear and reappear somewhere else with no time gap - no matter how far apart events happen - was something like a clue to me. Imagining in terms of energy that nothing is lost or disappears, I feel sometimes how the essence of plants, animals and human beings is interconnected, and just changes forms on this or another planet - let’s say, some millions of light years away. Even the biggest stars dissolve and reappear somewhere else in the cosmos.
I am reminded of the insight of an ancient master: “As above, so below” - or vice versa.
Could you please talk about this?

The ancient saying, “As above, so below,” or vice-versa, contains one of the most fundamental truths about mysticism. It means that there is no above, no below, that existence is one.

Divisions are created by the mind.

Existence is divisionless.

Divisions are our projections, and we get so much identified with divisions that we lose contact with the whole.

Our mind is just a small window opening towards the vast universe, but when you look always from the window, the frame of the window frames the sky outside - although there is no frame on the sky, it is frameless. But to your perception the frame of the window becomes the frame of existence.

It is something like.once in a while it happens to people who use glasses that they have their glasses on their nose and they are looking for them. And they have even forgotten that they cannot see without the glasses, so if they are looking and seeing, it is an absolute certainty that the glasses are in place.

But if you have been using glasses for years, slowly, slowly they become part of you, they become your eyes. You don’t think of them as separate from you. But each pair of glasses can give its own color to the things it sees. You are the seer behind - the glasses cannot see themselves. Things outside don’t have the color that the glass is imposing upon them, but you have become so identified with the glasses.

I used to live with a man - he was a very nice man - who had glasses from his very childhood, and now they had become thicker and thicker. He was so accustomed to them that he would go to sleep with his glasses on. When one day I saw him sleeping with the glasses on, I woke him and said, “This is too much! Do you need these glasses for dreams? You can see dreams without glasses.”

He became aware that he had completely forgotten that those glasses were separate from him. For fifty years continuously they have been there, and he cannot see without them, so even to go to his bed he has to use them, and slowly, slowly, he started sleeping with his glasses on.

His whole world depends on his glasses: if they are green, everything will look green; if they are blue, everything will look blue; and he will believe that what he is seeing cannot be wrong.

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