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Chapter 26: Acceptance of the Peaks and the Valleys

You think yourself to be a saint, you think yourself to be a religious person, you think yourself to be this and that. If you face your reality, all these illusions will evaporate. And everyone has created an image of himself. That image is false, but we cling to the image and this clinging becomes the barrier toward moving within.

So the first thing is to accept the animal. It is there, and nothing is wrong about it. It is your past, and you cannot deny your past, you can only use it. If you are wise, you will use it and create a better future out of it. If you are foolish you will fight with it, and through fight the future will be destroyed. Fight with a seed, and you will destroy it. Use it, give it soil, help it, protect it so that the seed becomes a tree, an alive tree, and the future blossoms through it.

The animal is your seed. Do not fight with it. Tantra has no condemnation against it, simply love for it, because the whole future is hidden in it. Know it well, and then you can use it and you can thank it.

I have heard that when St. Francis died, when he was just on his deathbed, suddenly he opened his eyes and thanked his body before going to his death. Before moving to the other world, he thanked his body. He said, “Much was hidden in you, and you helped me so much. And I was so ignorant, and there were times when I even fought with you. There were times I even thought about you in inimical terms. But you were always a friend, and it is because of you I could move to such a state of consciousness.”

This thanksgiving to the body is beautiful. But St. Francis could understand it only in the end. Tantra says, try to understand in the beginning. If you only thank your body when you are dying, it will be of no use.

Your body is a treasury of hidden forces, of mysterious possibilities. Tantra says that in your body is the whole cosmos in miniature: it is just a miniature of the whole cosmos. Do not fight with it. What is your sex if the body is a miniature? If really this is so, that your body is the whole cosmos in miniature, what is sex? That which is creation in the cosmos is sex in you. Throughout the whole cosmos, creation is going on every moment - that is sex in you. And if there is so much force in it, it is because you are needed to be a creator.

If sex is so powerful, it only means for Tantra that you cannot be allowed to be non-creative; you must create. If you cannot create something greater, then at least create life. If you cannot create anything better than you, then at least create someone who will replace you when you die. Sex is so forceful because the cosmos cannot allow you to be non-creative, and you are fighting with it. Use it.

There is no need to use sex only in reproduction. In every creation sex is used. That is why a great poet, a great painter, may not feel so much of an urge for sex. But the reason is not that he is a saint. The reason is simply, that he is creating something greater and the need is fulfilled.

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