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Chapter 7: My Interest Is in You

This is the search of all human consciousness; this is the search of all living beings. This is the source from where we have come, and this is the goal to where we are going.

Once the circle is complete - the source and goal meet together - you have come to a perfection of which you cannot even have a dream. You cannot even visualize what that perfection is. Even after reaching it, you cannot manage to describe it, you cannot manage to explain it, you can simply dance.

Your eyes will shine with it,

your silence will become a song about it.

Your words may carry a little fragrance of it.

Your very existence will radiate

with the light that you have found

in the completion of the circle.

The source and the goal meeting.now, once this happens to any consciousness, any human being, he is not to be born again into a prison of body, of bones and blood and flesh. Then he disappears into the cosmos and becomes one with the cosmos.

Just a sincere passion

to disappear into the cosmos

is needed.

It is not a long journey,

it is just a quantum leap.

And you are trying the best that you can do.

I am absolutely happy about you. And the day when you all will start blossoming into buddhas will not only be a day of happiness for you, it will be a day of great celebration for the whole of existence.