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Chapter 2: The Beggar and the Emperor

This declaration of yoga is an effort to free man from his deep-seated psychological dis-ease. But it is not only an effort to cure the psychological dis-ease, it is also the truth. Neither has the small any reason to weep, nor has the supreme whole any reason to become egoistic. In this existence, one who appears to be very big and one who appears to be very small have both got similar treasures.

Jesus has told a small anecdote:

One day a very rich man engaged some laborers to work in his garden. Then at noon some more laborers approached the rich man and said they wanted work. The rich man also engaged them to work in the garden. When the sun was going down some more laborers came to the rich man and asked for work. The rich man engaged them too. Then just as the sun was about to set some other laborers came and the rich man engaged them too.

When the day was over, the wages were given to all the laborers for that day. The rich man gave equal wages to all of them. Those who had come in the morning stood up in anger. They said, “This is unjust. We have been working since morning. Some people came in the afternoon and a few came just when we were about to finish the work, and you are giving equal wages to all? It is unjust!”

The rich man asked them, “What you have received, is that too little for your work?” They said, “No, that’s more than enough for our work. But what about those who came so late?” The rich man answered, “In the divine kingdom, neither is anybody early nor is anybody late. All are equal.”

Yoga is saying the same thing. What it is saying is that even a particle of dust has no reason to grieve, and the supreme whole has no reason to be filled with ego. In the play of this life, neither is anybody ahead nor is anybody behind; neither is anybody big nor is anybody small. Yoga shows the supreme in the trivial and the trivial in the supreme, the ocean in the dewdrop and the dewdrop in the ocean. This is the truth also, as I have said. And now science is also saying very strange things..

When Rutherford first split the atom, a very strange experience came to light, which was that even the atom of least mass is similar to the solar system of great suns. In the smallest atom there is a center and there are electrons that go on spinning around the center. The speed of this spinning is relatively the same as the high speeds of the planets Earth and Mars and Jupiter going around the sun. And the energy hidden at the center of the atom is the same as that of the energy of the sun. It is as if a miniature solar system resides in the atom. The difference is of the quantity only; there is no difference in quality.

So science has also started saying what the oldest sutra of yoga says. Perhaps you remember it: “The macrocosm is in the microcosm.” This is what the scientist, Rutherford, and his colleagues say. The whole cosmos is present in a tiny microcosm. That cosmos is in such a small form in the microcosm that even seeing it is not possible. It is only inferred that it is; it is only through inference that we know that it spins.

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