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Chapter 27: Time for Silence and Time for Laughter

The plumber comes to fix some things in the house, and little Ernie follows him everywhere.

When the plumber pulls out a screwdriver, little Ernie says, “My Dad has two of those.”

The plumber smiles and pulls out a wrench.

“My Dad has two of those,” says Ernie.

The plumber smiles again and carries on working.

When he goes to the bathroom for a pee, little Ernie goes along. Taking out his prick, the plumber asks, “Has your dad got two of these too?”

“Yes, he has!” replies little Ernie. “He has got one small one like you to pee with, and a big one which he chases Mum around the kitchen table with!”

A Chinaman walks into a bar in a black neighborhood in San Francisco and says to the black bartender, “How about a jigger, nigger?”

The bartender gets mad and starts to lecture the Chinaman about racism and how he, being a Chinaman in America, should know better.

Finally, the bartender suggests that they change places to see how the Chinaman feels.

So they change places and the black bartender leaves the bar and comes back after a couple of minutes.

He walks up to the bar exactly as the Chinaman did.

“How about a drink, Chink?” says the black barman.

“So solly!” replies the Chinaman. “We don’t serve niggers.”

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