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Chapter 1: The New Alchemy: To Turn You On

If you have come, if you have heard my call, now be courageous. Don’t withhold yourself! Whatsoever I say, move into it as totally as possible. If you are ready to be courageous I can do much. Much is possible if you cooperate with me. If you just cooperate and become open, I can enter you. I can change you: I can make new adjustments, a tuning.

And once you are tuned, the whole of existence becomes different, because now you can listen to the cosmic harmony, the cosmic music. Once tuned to the infinite, you will never be the same again. If you are tuned for even a single moment, you will not be the same again.

Through all these experiments, my effort will be to tune you. But your cooperation will be needed. You can create barriers, you can create hindrances, you can resist me. If you resist, nothing will happen. Then you will say that nothing has happened - and you will be responsible, because that means you didn’t allow, you were not in a let-go.

Remember these words for this whole camp: let-go. Remember not only the words, but the feeling. Remain in a surrendered attitude, ready for whatsoever happens, and for whatsoever I do: allowing, vulnerable, open. Even if death occurs, be ready. Only then will life happen to you.

If you can trust me, only then is something possible. And trust always means. Ultimately it means that you are leaving everything in my hands. Even if death occurs, you will not complain. If your preparation is this much, then you will not return from this camp the same man. You will go back a new man, totally new. And the whole world becomes new when the insight into the infinite has happened.

Throughout this camp, feel a deep surrender. The first words to remember: let-go, surrender.

The second word to remember continuously is: now. N-O-W, now. Don’t move to the past, and don’t move to the future. Remain with the moment. Whenever you feel that your mind is going back again - thinking about the past, moving into memories - bring it back to the now. Or, if you feel your mind is moving, projecting into the future, bring it back to the now. If you are eating, then eat - don’t do anything else. If you are walking, then walk - don’t do anything else. If you are listening, then listen - don’t do anything else. If you are meditating, then meditate - don’t do anything else. Remain with the moment, here and now. It should be a constant effort. In the beginning you will feel it as a strain, just because of your old habits, but as you move deeply into it the strain will disappear. For the first time you will feel totally non-tense, because in the now no tension is possible. Just this moment is existential; everything else is either memory or projection. The past exists not, the future exists not - only the present.

The second thing to remember: remain with the now. Don’t go here and there, just remain with the present moment. It is difficult, but once you have the feeling of it, it becomes very easy, simple, natural.

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