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Chapter 33: The Open Challenge

These people who want to prevent my ideas from reaching people cannot do the same as they did with Socrates or Christ or Mansoor. They are very much afraid, because that will become the final defeat of their whole past. And Jesus has talked about only a few things and I have talked about everything concerning man under the sky. In minute detail I have given you the whole map of how man can be completely changed into a superman.

Killing me is dangerous, so they are trying a different way: I should not be allowed to stay anywhere, so people cannot come in contact with me. In India they cannot deny me, just by my birthright. So in India they have to do it the other way: they will prevent anybody from outside of India from reaching me. That was their condition.

That’s why I left India. I had gone to India; I was thinking to settle there, but their conditions were two. One, that foreign sannyasins would not be allowed. Second, the foreign news media would not be allowed. And these were the directives from America, so that I can be isolated. So then nobody is blamed for my death - and isolation becomes almost like a death.

I left India, thinking that there may be some country courageous enough, but there seems to be no country courageous enough. In fact there are not many countries in the world. That is my experience from going around the world. There are only two countries, America and the Soviet Union - and there are puppets which don’t have any independence of their own.

The Soviet Union is not the place for me. They won’t even allow my entry just for three weeks as a tourist. They are already, without any contact with me, persecuting my sannyasins in Soviet Russia.

In the Soviet Union there are hundreds of sannyasins, and they have been spreading by word of mouth. They are writing my books by hand, or typing them and distributing them, reading them in basements. My books have been taken away by the KGB. They have found up to now only twenty sannyasins, but continuously harass them to know about more people who are also involved. In the Soviet press there are articles against me. They know nothing about me, but my sannyasins are even translating into Russian. Wherever there is truth it cannot be prevented.

So I cannot think of the Soviet Union. And I have tried all the so-called free countries and found that they are all part of America. They are not free. A message just comes from America and immediately they have to follow it.

In the old days there used to be political dependents; countries were politically dependent. There were empires. All those have disappeared - but it is a very significant thing to understand that they have not disappeared. They have only changed their color. Now they are no longer political, they are economic.

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