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Chapter 25: Zen: A Contagious Blissfulness

“Aha!” says the Jew. “You see, it’s working already!”

Hymie Goldberg is touring Ireland in his car when he finds Paddy hitch-hiking, holding a cow.

“I can give you a lift,” says Hymie, “but I can’t take your cow.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” says Paddy, “she will follow us at her own speed. “So Paddy gets in and Hymie is soon driving at thirty miles per hour. The cow is trotting along behind. Hymie speeds up to forty miles per hour and the cow is still keeping pace. At fifty miles per hour Hymie sees that the cow is right behind, but he notices that she seems to be getting tired.

“I’m a bit worried about your cow,” says Hymie, “her tongue is hanging out of her mouth.”

“Which side of the mouth?” asks Paddy.

“On the right side,” replies Hymie.

“Oh, that’s all right then,” says Paddy. “That just means she wants to pass you!”