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Chapter 3: You Are Here to Be Yourself

To be with me is to be constantly on the operation table. Only very few courageous ones can be with me. The cowards will be offended. But the cowards cannot accept that they are cowards, so they will react, they will argue, they will create a thousand and one stories just to protect themselves so that they can feel good that they are not wrong. To accept that one is wrong is the beginning of a great revolution. But very few people are that courageous to accept that they are wrong. And my presence makes them feel wrong. Either I’m right or they are right; there is no compromise. Either/or is the question. If I am right they are wrong. If they want to be right, if they want to prove that they are right, then they have to be against me. They have to prove that I am wrong: that is easier. They don’t listen to me, they don’t come close to me. There is fear - if they come close, if they listen, there is fear they may be hypnotized by me. Slowly, slowly, they may be convinced, converted, so they don’t come.

The people who are against me are absolutely unacquainted with me. Their unacquaintance is a cultivated phenomenon: they don’t allow themselves to come here. If they come, it is very difficult not to see the truth, it is almost impossible. Howsoever blind you are, it is impossible not to see the truth. Truth has its own ways of penetrating your heart, of becoming your pulsation. Truth has its own seductive ways: unawares, it enters into you and suddenly you see. And in that seeing is understanding.

The second question:

I'm in such a vortex. Never in life have I been so ripped apart, so fluid, so beautifully insecure. My being loves you - body constantly vibrating - words come to mind - scintillating, oscillating. Even the valleys have a passion. Such a thirst, beloved Osho..

This is the state of prayer.when your body prays - not the mind but the body. The body is your truth, the mind is nothing but lies that you have accumulated down the ages. The mind is borrowed, the body is authentically yours. So when the mind prays the prayer is false. But when the body starts vibrating in a new rhythm, in a new joy, when the body starts pulsating with the divine, with a new song, it is real prayer.

The real prayer arises out of your body, not out of your mind. This is my basic insistence: that all that is real has to arise out of your body. I am tremendously in love with the body because the body is your nature. It is the body where you are grounded and rooted, and all the so-called religions, organized religions, have been destroying the bridge between you and the body. They have been telling you that you are not the body; not only that you are not the body, they have been telling you that the body is the enemy, that the body has to be destroyed, that you have to starve the body in the name of religion, that you have to torture the body in the name of religion, that only by torturing the body will you come closer to God. I say to you: only by living your body will you come closer to God. There is no other way. Torturing your body you are torturing God himself, because it is God that has become the body in you. And the body is always beautiful, mind rarely so. And when mind is beautiful it is always when it follows the body. The body has its own wisdom. It knows how to dance, how to sing, how to pulsate with God. Matter knows how to dance with the unknown.

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