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Chapter 17: Criminals Are Always Cowards

So when I was in silence, she removed all those people, harassed them, humiliated them so they had to leave. It is not only Siddha and Prabodhi. Hundreds of other sannyasins have left. And now they are all calling back that, “We want to come back because we had never left Osho, we have never left the commune. We had left only this gang. Now the gang is gone, we can come back.”

Siddha is not on the ranch?

Siddha is not here, but I think soon he will be here. KD had gone but he is back.

Have you had contact with KD?

Not yet. Just I have heard that he has come back. He is a little afraid to face me because he has shown a little cowardliness. So it will take few days for him to gather courage to face me.

You said that KD has sought immunity. Do you know who else? Who have you been told has sought immunity in order to testify against you and the commune?

I don’t know. And anybody who testifies against me, no immunity can save him, because I have not committed any crime. To be silent is not a crime, to be in isolation is not a crime. So I don’t think anybody can testify against me. He will have to face in the court. If he cannot face here, how he will be able to face me in the court?

Sheela did not see me before she escaped from here.

Criminals are always cowards, bound to be.

Their own crime destroys their strength. They don’t have the strength of truth. Lies are impotent.

But many people who had gone are coming back. Sheela’s old secretary has come back two days before. Now, because of her I have been informed that she is telling things that we were not even aware of, that Sheela was dealing in heroin.

When and where?

In ’82, here in America. And not only a small quantity. A full load of an airplane.

Where was it going?

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