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Chapter 28: A Silent Waiting Heart

And in this way - and this is the only way possible now, because if all the ugly political forces want me to be isolated from my people.all these great powers have proved cowards, criminals. So the only way left is that whenever it is possible and you can manage, be with me. Otherwise I will be with you. Just allow me. Just have a little space in your heart for me.

And one never knows; blessings come in disguise. There were many sannyasins who were useless. There were a few who were harmful. And I am not a person to say to anybody “no.” It hurts me, however the person may be wrong. I have never rejected anybody, and I will never reject anybody. Whatever he has done - even against me - I will not mention it.

But this has been a good opportunity to see the real faces behind the masks. So those who were harmful are exposed; those who were useless will be lost. And only the chosen few - for whom I am living, and for whom I will die - will be left with me.