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Chapter 19: The Promise of Paradise

Just out of sheer compassion, I want you to be together, to cling, whatever happens - what more can happen? He has become a coconut - further than that, the road comes to an end; you are a crackpot. Hang around each other, it is beautiful company. Yes, there is fighting, but there are moments of love too; and you are too much attached to him, and he’s also attached to you. It always happens when nuts fall in love with each other, then whatsoever hell they create for each other, they remain together. It is their heaven.

I’m not against your relationship. What I’m saying is that Om should come back from being a coconut and become a human being, and that you should come back from being a German crackpot to be a human being - to relate as human beings, love as human beings. I’m the last person to disturb anybody’s love; and if I disturb it, I disturb it only to take you a little higher, to take your love to more juicy spaces.

You have got it all wrong, but that is understandable. I was waiting for the question. I could have written the question myself, because I knew what would be going on in these two strange people’s minds. And you yourself had reported to me that since Om had gone to Goa, you enjoyed such peace and such joy in those five weeks.

And when he informed you that he was coming back in a week.he had not yet come, but you started retraining yourself. You had to be ready to receive him, so you started becoming miserable. In those seven days while he was coming you again lost all joy, all peace. And now that he is here, you are again playing your old games, which are destructive to both.

I would not like to separate you, but I would like you to drop these ideas of being a coconut, or being a nut. These are dangerous ideas, and if you carry a certain idea too long, it starts becoming a reality. You create your reality around yourself by your ideas - it is a projection.

You simply renounce your past and meet with each other as strangers. After this meeting, Latifa, say to Om, “Hello,” and don’t repeat inside your mind that, “this is a coconut.” Avoid that too. Because coconuts are not bad people, but after all they are coconuts. You are fitting very well, but the fit should be joyous. It should be a great blessing; you should help each other for your growth.

Fighting should stop. You are soft in your heart, and he is also very soft in his heart. I know many kinds of coconuts - they are soft inside. Just drop your coverings, your personalities, and don’t clash with each other. I am not against your relationship, but a relationship is not meant to be just for clashing with each other. Fighting is not love. Once in a while you are loving, that is just so that you can go on fighting.

Here particularly, in my commune, there is no need to fight at all. And whenever you are feeling too full of energy, you can do dynamic meditation. Why do you think I have created all these meditations for all kinds of nuts?.so they can enjoy one hour of being a nut, with a great idea that they are doing a spiritual meditation. It is simply to throw their nuttiness without throwing it on anybody else, so with others they can have a cooler, peaceful, loving relationship.

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