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Chapter 11: Yes, I Teach You Selfishness

I said, “It is strange. It is impossible to be interested in me and in this man. I know this man. He belongs to a very chauvinistic Hindu group, Arya Samaj, very fanatic.” His religion believes that it is the only true religion, and all other religions are untrue, and that the Vedas are written by God, and their existence cannot be calculated in years: ten thousand, twenty thousand, one hundred thousand - no, they were created simultaneously when the existence was created: How can God create existence without giving himself guidelines? Of course that seems to be logical. And the Vedas are enough, no other book is needed. There are four Vedas - so utterly childish, so foolish and so full of rubbish and crap that God must be insane if he creates this kind of book.

So I had met this man and immediately we became enemies forever because I said, “It is all crap that you are thinking God created. And if this is what God created then your God is in urgent need of psychiatric treatment.”

The Vedas say God created the woman. Of course, he is the father: he created the woman, he is the father. And he became infatuated, he started running after the woman. The woman became afraid of being raped by her own father, so she tried to hide. That’s how the whole creation came into existence. She became a cow - but you cannot deceive God, he became a bull. That’s how all these animals came into existence; the woman went on changing, and God also went on changing. That’s how this whole existence has come into being. It is God still chasing the woman in millions of forms. But the very idea of the father who has created.. He is a rapist, and no ordinary rapist, an eternal rapist - he still continues to chase. And this you call a book created by God?

So I asked the woman, “If you are interested in me then how is it possible that you are interested in this maniac?”

She said, “I am not interested in him at all. You are right. It was my husband who was interested in him. And because he had put the picture there, and he has died, just out of respect to my husband I have not removed the picture. But I never look at that picture. But what my son did to him, I always enjoy.”

I said, “What did your son do to him?”

She said, “Swami Divyanand used to come here and stay with us.” They had a beautiful meeting hall for at least five hundred people, so he used to deliver lectures in their home.

One day - the child must have been at that time not more than five or six years old; the woman was certainly sitting in front, the child was sitting in front - they were the hosts - the husband was sitting in the front. And in the middle of the discourse of Swami Divyanand, the child said loudly to the mother, “I want to piss.”

Now this is in front of Swami Divyanand and the whole hall, and everybody started laughing. In fact everybody was wanting the same thing. The lecture was such that it created the urge, the desire to go to the bathroom. And because everybody laughed, Divyanand felt very angry. These so-called religious people are carrying such rage, such anger. He called the woman close to him and said, “This is not good. You should teach your son.”

She said, “What can I teach him?”

He said, “You can do a simple thing. You can tell him that whenever he wants to go to urinate, he can simply say, ‘Mum, I want to go to sing. I want to sing.’ You change that word piss to sing. Nobody will understand, only you will understand the code language.”

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