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Chapter 4: Remember to Stop in the Middle

That’s the message of the Bauls: become more true and real. When you are real, God is real; when you are true, God is true - because when you are true you are capable of contact with the truth of existence. When you are real you are suddenly in harmony with the whole. When you are false, then the problem arises of whether God exists or not. When the problem arises of whether God exists or not, that simply shows that you have lost your harmony with the whole. Get into harmony, get into line, fall into line again. Come back, be more real and true.

That is the whole message of all religions, of religion as such. That’s why Buddha and Mahavira don’t talk about God they say, “There is no need.” Mahavira talks about truth: “Be true, be authentic, and you will be Gods.” Just by being true you come closer to truth. It’s simple. Can’t you see such a simple point: that by being true, you come closer to truth?

Belief is false, borrowed knowledge is false. Drop all that is borrowed. You may feel poorer for the time being, because your knowledge gives you very great ego, that “I know.” Knowing that you don’t know, you may feel poor for a few days, you may feel like a beggar. But if you are ready to be true, suddenly one day the conversion happens. When you have lost all borrowed knowledge, something arises in you which was waiting and waiting. Something arises in you and fills your whole space of consciousness. That is what God is.

God is nothing but life. God is not a person; God is the energy you are, God is the energy the trees are, God is the energy the stars are. Everything is made of the stuff - God. God is not the creator, God is this creation. This very moment you are in the ocean of God, but he is so close and you are so far away in your head that bridges are missing.

The last question:

How come I’m so crazy about you?

I attract crazy people; I am crazy, that’s why.

But crazy people are beautiful people. They are the only sane people in the world. That is the meaning of the word ‘Baul’. Baul means crazy, mad. I am a Baul, and I attract Bauls - that’s why.

Enough for today.