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Chapter 8: Everybody Is Extraordinary

Buddha is sane although he himself was worried many times that he had gone crazy. Others were also saying that he had gone crazy. Naturally, when all are competing in the world, and everybody is rushing toward money, power, and prestige, and you start moving away from all this nonsense; when everybody is going extrovert, and you start moving inwards; when everybody is going in one direction and you start moving in the polar opposite direction, diametrically opposite direction, it looks crazy.

Once it happened:

A drunkard was driving on a one-way street and was going in the wrong direction. He was puzzled, because everybody was going the other way. The policeman stopped him and asked him, “Where are you going?”

He said, “That I don’t know. One thing is certain, that wherever I am going I am late because everybody is coming back!”

When you start moving toward meditation, suddenly the whole world, everybody, is going one way and you are going in the opposite direction. And everybody looks at you with suspicion, “Where are you going?” You will also look with suspicion at yourself, and the idea will arise again and again, “Have I gone crazy?”

But one has to learn one thing: if you are feeling happy don’t be worried, because craziness cannot give you happiness. If you are feeling less tense, don’t be worried, because craziness will give you more tension, more anxiety. If you are feeling more together, don’t be worried, then you are on the right track, you are moving toward well being, you are moving toward wholeness.

And that is what is happening. You say: “.The whole life waterfalling on me! Heaven and earth, work and play, everything I have ever been and done, all things I have ever wanted to will be, past and future swelling, swelling in balloon dancing now!” Look at the beauty of the dance. Look at the benediction of nature falling like a waterfall on you. Look at the expanding consciousness swelling, swelling; it will fill the whole sky soon - even the sky is not the limit.

“This enlightenment is some crazy business!” It is, but the people who become involved in this crazy business are the only sane people, because theirs is the kingdom of God. Blessed are the mad, for theirs is the kingdom of God.

Enough for today.